As therapists, we are the tools of our trade, and this work requires us to bring our whole selves.  Every clinician needs accurate reflection, feedback, and support on their journey, whether still in school or already licensed.

My Clinical Supervision and Consultation can help you:

  • Identify your unique gifts as a therapist 
  • See client issues through an intersectional lens 
  • Do good work and provide amazing results
  • Metabolize your clients’ pain so you don’t carry it with you
  • Recognize and resolve when your own stuff is triggered by client work

I am the supervisor I wish I’d had when I got licensed.

I am not a removed expert, but a real human who will bring humor, warmth, and compassion to my supervision of your work. We all need to be fully seen and have our gifts highlighted, and to see ourselves through the eyes of a true other. 

I bring the perspective of many years of social work in diverse community settings, as well as a decade in private practice.  My therapeutic orientation is strengths-based, humanistic, and relational.  I practice Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, a modality informed by attachment theory and neuroscience that harnesses the power of the therapeutic relationship to undo aloneness and create lasting transformation.

Fee: $210, with a sliding scale available according to financial need.

I would be glad to speak with you about where you are in your journey and whether we might be a fit to work together.

Supervision Client Testimonials

“As an African American, I was looking for a Clinical Supervisor who is open, can listen and be real with me. Carolyn is incredible and dynamic in these areas and even though we do not share the same cultural identities, she just gets it. I feel respected and understood. I highly recommend her to everyone I know.”

Sheri Broussard, ASWCase Manager, Self-Sufficiency Program, Human Investment Project

“Carolyn, your wisdom, knowledge and mentorship means the world to me. You took the time that no one else did to provide me with kick-ass training and a business livelihood for me and my children. Your priceless trust, friendship, and investment in me holds a special place in my heart. Thank you!”

Leticia Arreola-Garcia, MFTA

“I feel so fortunate to have Carolyn as my supervisor. She brings with her an extraordinary amount of knowledge and experience from a variety of mental health and community settings. Her humor, genuineness, and encouragement immediately put me at ease, while her relational, and strength-based approach to therapy has helped model for me the kind of therapist I hope to become.”

Rebekah Smith, MA in Counseling Psychology student, CIIS

“I highly recommend Carolyn as a clinical supervisor. She’s very easy to connect with, a clear communicator, and immensely helpful in thinking through complex cases. Carolyn treats me with respect, asks challenging questions, and empowers me to be client-centered and think out of the box. She has created a safe supervisory environment that allows me to be myself, make mistakes, learn, and grow as a professional therapist. Her transparent and open style is very refreshing and I look forward to our meetings every week.”

Lauren Bloom, ASWGrateful Heart Holistic Therapy Center

“Carolyn doesn’t just teach you the technique, she guides you on how to ‘be’. Carolyn’s warmth, cultural sensitivity and authenticity help you to express and integrate your true self. Carolyn not only provides excellent supervision by also heals my lonely inner child. I really enjoy working with her.”

Josephine Chow, MA in Counseling Psychology student, CIIS