Are you struggling to have satisfying relationships where your needs are a priority?

Are you:

  • giving more than you get back in numerous relationships?
  • tired of being misunderstood or not really seen?
  • lonely, but questioning whether relationships are worth it?
  • missing a sense of community or belonging in your life?
  • proud of being capable and independent, but tired of doing everything on your own?


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I’m Carolyn Moore and in my counseling practice I specialize in helping strong, independent people learn how to get their needs met in relationships.

Enjoy deeper intimacy and connection.

When you come to my office, it’s your turn. We work together as a team so you don’t have to figure this out on your own. One of my gifts is to fearlessly tell the truth with compassion.  You are invited to bring all of who you are to counseling, and I will help you create the life you have been longing for.

Our work together can help you:

  • enjoy more balanced relationships where your needs are getting met
  • learn how to notice what you want and ask for it
  • learn how to notice what you don’t want and set boundaries
  • find community and feel a sense of belonging
  • feel the relief of letting others take care of you sometimes

It’s not easy feeling lonely or stuck in relationships that are assymetrical. Even if it’s hard to see right now, so much more is possible. I would love to support you.


I was drawn to social work because it doesn’t just look at individual pathology, but at the system, society, and environment that created it.  I am committed to the ongoing work of unlearning oppressions and acknowledging my own privilege.

Living in an unjust society is traumatizing and erodes mental health.  Many of my clients have marginalized identities and my practice is a safe place to bring your true self, acknowledge and heal the harm of marginalization, learn how to create community, and explore your own creative ways to respond to invisibility and oppression.

"I am passionate about social justice and creating a world where we are all free to be ourselves."


Schedule A Free 15-minute Intro Call